Join the CFDD Omaha/Lincoln Chapter

Download and complete the membership application, then fax to: 402-939-0016 or email Jim Hushka, CCE, CICP.

What is CFDD?

CFDD stands for Credit & Financial Development Division of the NACM which stands for National Association of Credit Management. Once a member of the NACM, you are eligible to gain membership to your local CFDD chapter. The annual membership fee per company for NACM is $385 and for each member in CFDD the fee is $100 annually.

Member Benefits:

Cost Effective
Becoming a member of CFDD is cost effective because it is an investment in you. You will spend a minimal amount in annual dues, compared to the vast amount of education and networking you gain as a member of CFDD. You will see a ten-fold return on your investment—we guarantee it. By attending meetings, all members are eligible for $500.00 per year in scholarships for conferences, classes, certification testing fees, etc.

Engaging our members in educational, social and otherwise beneficial events is what we are here for. We, along with NACM help to provide a support system and backbone for the credit industry. You will meet and get to know some of the most valuable resources in the industry: other credit professionals like yourselves.

Personal/Career Development
With all the educational and networking opportunities that CFDD places before you, it is impossible for you not to grow within your career and personally. Our mission is to be a viable resource to you, the industry.

National Association Resources
As a member of NACM/CFDD you will have full access to all of NACM’s highly valuable resources including NACM Affiliates which provide a full range of services, from pre-collection services to final demand notices to industry groups and commercial credit reports.

A CFDD Chapter is a group of credit professionals organized with a focus on education, networking and professional support for employees of member firms of the National Association of Credit Management. Membership enhances professional status while promoting attainment of educational goals, business contacts, networking opportunities and leadership development.

“Membership in CFDD is an investment in yourself! It provides a pathway for you to reach your educational goals and professional success.”

Download and complete the membership application, then fax to: 402-939-0016 or email Jim Hushka, CCE, CICP.